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September 29 2014


The Important Components of a DJ Turntable 

Turntablism is an art using direct-drive turntables and DJ mixers to manipulate music and create new music. In the year 1995, the word turntablist was coined by DJ Babu. Several turntablist djs hire adelaide utilize turntable techniques like beat mixing/matching, scratching and beat juggling. Some turntablists request to have themselves be recognized as traditional musicians who are competent in interacting and improvising with other entertainers. A turntable is essentially a DJ’s phonograph for playing back vinyl records, of which the very ordinary is the Technics SL-1200. Turntables come in a lot of different structures these days, but all play back 33/45 RPM (Revolution per Minute) records and have a pitch control for mixing abilities.
The Basic Turntable components

 Platter
The platter is the component of the turntable where the record is placed. The platter is spun by a motor at different speeds or revolutions per minute. A mat is often sat upon the platter to perform as a buffer between the platter and the record, but this may not be essential depending on the type of turntable. Platters are usually detachable, and on some turntables such as the minimalistic Rega and Pro-ject designs, are required to modify the speed at which the records are being played.

 Dust cover
A turntable's dust cover keeps it clean from debris and dust. In order to avoid records from becoming soiled or scratched and broken, the dust cover is very important. A dust cover also protects the record while it is spinning in the incidence that any object falls onto the turntable.

 Tone arm
It is the part of the turntable which is deceivingly complex. A tone arm that usually has a counterweight that permits the cartridge to be balanced correctly and to allocate ideal playing capability, as various cartridges entails a different down-force. There are diverse tone arm designs, including s-shaped and straight tone arms. There is a slight difference between the two exterior of aesthetics. A Disc jockey utilizes a shorter, straight tone arm for scratching, but casual listeners and audiophiles should prevent this as they boost the records to wear and does not track as well as the ordinary tone arm designs do.

 The Cartridge
It is held in the head shell at the end of the tone arm; it is what holds the needle and picks up the sound. A neat, unworn cartridge is significant for sound quality; most turntable cartridges select the sound from the grooves magnetically, but, technology could denote that lasers may be used for sound pickup in the future. https://www.mobile-dj-hire.com.au/dj-brisbane

August 22 2014

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Guidelines on How to Be a Wedding DJ

Most couples preferred to hired a professional wedding DJ to their wedding instead of pre recorded music or live bands for their reception. A good wedding disc jockey can make a wedding memorable. Experienced wedding DJs knows how to get the guest to the dance floor and make the party going and interesting.
Whenever a couple decides to get a wedding DJ, they will certainly consult several disc jockeys to find the one that fits well in their style. The DJs experience, performance and professionalism will have a large impact on the wedding reception, through the music played, event announcement or just his or her personality. The DJs playlist is one big factor. Wedding DJs should prefer a playlist that is extensive enough to include most of the songs that the couple wants for their reception. Wedding disc jockeys usually play as the master of ceremony in a wedding. 

Most of the time Wedding DJs act as a master of ceremonies. They announce arrival of the newly married couple, cutting of cake and bridal toss in between playing of music. Wedding disc jockeys make sure that the event is running smoothly and according to schedule while entertaining guests and keeping the mood light.
Professional wedding DJs should have a good music selection. Bridal couples typical have favorite songs they want to hear on the event. Aside from the couples choice of song the wedding disc jockey can also help the couple to pick additional songs based on their selections. This is not going to be a problem because wedding DJs are already familiar with the details that can make a wedding reception lively especially the songs to play, dances and even games.

Music equipment is essential for a wedding DJ to perform well. They usually have turntable and speakers and a good quality of wireless microphone for speeches. Planning or arranging of music is also an important factor during wedding events. Wedding DJs should arrange a playlist according to the agenda for the reception. The choice of songs must be appropriate for each part of the event and transition easily from one style of music to another. Professional and experienced DJ knows how to read the crowd and adjust the tone and tempo of music to match if necessary. 

There are a lot of wedding DJs worldwide. Wedding DJs Melbourne is one of the best to choose from. To be a wedding DJ is not that easy. However, if you have the passion for music, a nice voice and a unique personality you will certainly make it to this industry. http://www.mobile-dj-hire.com.au/dj-brisbane

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